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Cushions & Plaids

Find a big selection of cushions in different sizes, colors and patterns in our shop. If you don't find what you are looking for, we can always have cushions made in the fabrics and sizes you wish.

We have a smaller selection of plaids in cashmere, alpaca or fleece. 


The Flanell scent line consists of scented candles in four different sizes, room sprays and diffusers. They come in three different scents and colours.

Vases, Pot holders & Candle Holders

Our selection of vases, pot holders and candle holders varies with season. Come and have a look in our shop!


Baskets can be both practical and decorative. Whether in your wardrobe, living room or for your children's toys - we have them in all sizes. 

Vide Poches, FRames & Decorative Items

Vide poches are both beautiful and practical - a perfect combination. Frames make a nice gift, Our standard collection are silver plated, but we usually have some in horn as well. 

Sometimes, it's nice to have something beautiful without any other purpose. That's why we keep decorative items. A popular example are the bi-discs - they represent the eternal circle of life.

Glasses & Cards

We have a great line of reading glassed, sunglasses and screen glasses - which come with correction. A nice present should come with a beautiful card. The cards at Flanell are colorful and made in Switzerland. 

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